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You can not see that face and not smile! Such a cutie pie!
AMAZING SINGER!!!!!! His voice will melt your heart !
Great actor! If you have not seen It's ok, that's love, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Must see! EXO Next Door was such a cute show!
Very convincing, scary and hot ALL at the same time! I remember you, also a must see!
Very handsome and dare I say some times that sweet little face can pull off being QUITE HOT.
he's evil, cute, sexy, serious, silly, etc. all wrapped up into one short package
@KellyOConnor I pretty much had a big smile on my face the whole time I was making it.
He was so good in Its OK Thats Love!! I really love his smile.
@Tigerlily84 he's not even my bias and I love him
@JessicaChaney And wrecked my Ultimate and I didn't think anyone could pull that off but he did!
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