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to be truly evil you must know how to be truly kind! Works the other way too
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Hey, Hey... Don't tell them that.
sounds narcissistic.
can't have light without darkness , negative without live your life with balance or have it tilted towards more to one or the other. I chose to be more positive the darkness helps it put it in better perspective. It changes the perspective.
when youve been abusd by a narcissist that you loved, everytîng you see from that point on will seem to have some relation to narcirism. its like whole new world of evil just opened up and you can see things in a way that others never will.
@MelissaMae I'm sorry to hear that but to be completely honest and positive! about the subject there are probably other people in fact guarantee there are others who have gotten abused beaten with narcissistic views into them who have pushed passed those view to more positive ones. you just haven't found them yet. you gotta have hope faith doesn't hurt either ☺