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hello fellow yaoi lovers (fujoshi). I have a fun task for you today :D
I know everyone has that one yaoi manga they just felt for! hell maybe even more
can be something oh so sweet that sugar looks bad
or maybe something more naughty that just has your nose pressed against your phone screen as it fogs up . maybe it's your breath or the steam from your exciment who know.
share whatever! plus I need more to read so let's exchange to keep our passion on!
till next time ;)
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my favorite sports yaoi (non dj) is called 10 Dance. And pretty much anything by Tennouji Mio, Ootsuki Miu, Mizukami Shin (hers are a little bitter sweet if you know what I'm saying), Fujisaki Kou, Madarame Hiro, Kanada Neko, Narazaki Neneko, Kamon Saeko, Nekota Yonezou,Narusaka Rin, Natsume Isaku,Moegi Yuu, Sakira (hard core af),Shiino Akino, Akira Norikazu, Mio Junta, Naona Bohra, Yamemoto Kotetsuko,Eiki Eiki,Takanaga Hinako,Mishima Kazuhiko,Sakyou Aya, AND WAAAAAY many more. On a side note, I recently read a really good yaoi called Fudanshi-kun no Honey days. BUT SRSLY, GO CHECK OUT THOSE AUTHORS. I've read every single of each other's works. They're mostly all good. Also another one of my favorites is Heart Strings (a yakuza yaoi) by Akira Norikazu.
My all time favorite manga/anime is basic but it's the one that got me introduce to the love genre; junjou romantica. But honestly what's not to love? To try to make up my basic-ness I'll add my fave website to read yaoi manga;
lovestage, junjuo romantica, gravitation and sekkaiichi hatsukoi and read on myreadingmanga a lot of djs of different anime like blue exorcist
@littlechibi97 Dude that website is like a porn site LOL