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hello fellow yaoi lovers (fujoshi). I have a fun task for you today :D
I know everyone has that one yaoi manga they just felt for! hell maybe even more
can be something oh so sweet that sugar looks bad
or maybe something more naughty that just has your nose pressed against your phone screen as it fogs up . maybe it's your breath or the steam from your exciment who know.
share whatever! plus I need more to read so let's exchange to keep our passion on!
till next time ;)
Sekai ichi hatsukoi and junjou romantica and love stage these three are manga and anime and there are a lot of free! dj's on mangahere
@JazmynGertz I love Elektel delusion. have you read karada meade?
back stage!! and haikyuu djs of tsukishima x yamaguchi or kuroo x kenma DUH
noise bleed
Love Neko, I would kill to get my hands on that manga in English for my Mishima Kazuhiko collection. I've read hundreds and hundreds of not thousands of y'all manga, and hers are always my fav.
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