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*accurate depiction of me judging myself I've noticed than whenever I get into a new group or artist the first thing I do is download all of their albums. I mean I don't even know if I'll like them but I download them all. It's a bad habit. Does anyone else do this? If not, what are some of your habits when getting into a new K group/artist?
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I first listen to their songs and when I find them interesting I download them and then get to know all the members names in the groups which takes quiet awhile
@britneyamanda I actually find it quite easy to learn their names if I binge on mvs. I'll even watch them over and over until I get it right.
I'd watch their music videos or Korean shows like weekly idol,infinite challenge and more just to learn how to pronounce their names. like exo I watched most Korean shows they've been on and now I know their names and can pronounce them correctly @ChelseaJay
@britneyamanda that's a good way too!