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My ultimate Bias is NamJoon
NamJoon aka RapMonster is my every thing. I was tagged by@kpopandkim
His adorable and Goofy and also makes mistakes like everybody else. He doesn't try to be perfect he just be himself.
But the Faces he make OMG he be killing me.
Rapmonster is the leader of my Favorite group Bts aka Bangtan Boys and I have not heard one song by them I didn't like. Every song they make is amazing even if it's the Rap line or Vocal line or alone Bts makes great music.
Nobody can take his place on my Bias list.
I don't have time for the hate because he has had his flaws in words but I still love him. So Bye Felicia.
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you know I used to not like him at all, like he was part of the group so that's cool. then Idk what he did but now I like him a lot! and it threw me off.
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