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Those who know me, know that I'm probably the biggest fan of Hyorin alive, so you'll have to forgive the most likely poorly structured card this will be, I'm struggling to control the feels right now XD Hyorin's new track from Unpretty Rapstar 2 is out and I love it...granted I wish she had more time in it...but I still love it. She proved those who doubted her ability to rap wrong ^^ and that makes me so happy...gosh I'm such a shameless fanman right now XD I cannot wait to purchase this awesomeness :D The song entitled "Money" is produced by Cha Cha Malone and Jay Park, it features Jay Park and GEEGOOIN, check it out \(^-^)/ @PassTheSuga thoughts? Credit to the owner of this video, I do not own it :)
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yeah I liked cl past everyone else was like such a dick lol @MattK95
@mandisellers13 it was the first time I've seen Riff Raff and hopefully it's the last... I'm still very confident that CL's album will be total fire!!!
that's how I feel too I mean it's cl...she never disappoints me @MattK95 I'm looking forward to it
I just hope I survive the experience XD @mandisellers13
@mandisellers13 Oh I hated that song. With a passion. CL could've done so much better. Riff Raff was expected to bad, but the biggest disappointment was Maco. He's actually decent, but he just acted like he didn't care.