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We all look for verification at some points in time in life. We expirience something and don't know what to make of it or what to do so we seek verification or/an answer. We expirience something and think we found the answer but uncertain feelings seek verification for these answers. Different expiriences produce different answers. Synonymous expiriences can produce different answers. Different expiriences can produce synonymous answers. The verification foundd will depend on the expirience but also ultimately what's within a person as a whole. That being said this is why I have so many questions. Why is arguing necessary and what purpose does it serve? Is there really only one singular truth? Speaking is a way of communication and connection but can also be used in the form of patronizing each other through ideals that "I'm right and you are wrong." "This is my truth and it's the only truth." And yes I guess fairly you could say that. That is the only truth to you because it is yours and that is the truth...But someone else could just as easily say the same thing and it be true. So why argue about it? Does it go back to wanting to re-verify your truth? It all just seems like and endless cycle.

Endless Arguing

The superiority complex of self-gratification through proving knowledge, theologies and ego is quite tiresome. The Us and Them complex is laced heavily within the psychological behavior of human beings and it is quite sad as to the damage it causes. Suffering happens on every side and everyone has a side to believe in.

Multidimensional Truth

I am a wander who wanders about all the bigger picture questions as I am sure most of us are. I have sought the objective ultimate truth only the realize the truth is multidimentional and subjective. The truth changes per reality. That fate leads people to endless disagreements which is frustrating. People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Truth and knowledge are vague. Can we consider each other to simply be living in our own reality shaped by our beliefs? Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation. We all have our own individual path to walk and to believe in, that is all.

Life is one big paradox