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After BINGE watching One Piece, all 712 episodes in 2 months.. I feel like my life is over. I need a couple of recommendations on what to watch next. I o ly watch anime on crunchy roll and hulu plus. I've seen most of the major ones, and alot of other random ones. No Sport based animes, they're all boring.. all other genres are fine..
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I binge watched One Piece like 2 years ago. I was upset when I was caught up. Now I'm in the same boat again after catching up on Naruto. But I highly recommend Hunter x Hunter, Fairytail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Soul Eater. (:
I'm so behind, I follow toonami and been watching latelyDX
Heh. I binged on Naruto and One Piece at the same e time.. and threw some smaller animes all the while
Why not watch fate/stay night UBW or parasyte the maxim. Just a short few episodes then go back to the binge
death note, mirai nikki, aldnoah zero, durarara, Fullmetal alchemist, parasyte, akame GA kill, Tokyo ghoul, elfin lied, yu yu hakusho, bleach. I could keep going but I don't use crunchy roll or hulu. Try out kissanime it works on consoles and computers and it has just about any show out there.