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I decided to finally crank this out for multiple reasons: 1. I had a dream last night where I was a guest on Running Man with my cousins and whoever won the first mission got to pick their teams. Kwangsoo was standing next to me and we were cheering things like "fighting" and "scream," and then I said that I was his fan. Yoo Jaesuk seemed to be the only that caught what I said and when he repeated it, Kwangsoo did that cute, shy blushing thing he does. Then, there was a comment about him being popular in other countries again. I wanted him on my team. Ending that there. 2. After doing the Ultimate Bias thing for Daesung, I decided to do one for Kwangsoo, too, since he's my other ultimate bias. As when it comes to entertainers, comedians, actors...Yeah. 3. I've just been thinking about him a lot lately. 4. I'm going to watch Running Man after I post this. c:
I have to be careful about the photos because, when I was making my OTP card and my ultimate bias card, I learned that the limit is 50 photos. I'm screwed, but I can do this.
Now, when I first got into Running Man, it was only to watch the guests. I wasn't interested in the RM members all that much, even if I did think they were entertaining. I just watched it to support the artists that I knew. I was still decently new to Kpop and everything and the only show I'd watched besides music shows was Dream Team II and that was because of Minho. I'm a Shawol forever. What can I say? The more episodes of RM that I watched, the more I began to wonder what all the inside jokes were about, such as Tiger v. Giraffe, Yoo-ames Bond, the Monday Couple, and the list goes on. I found the episodes on DramaFever somehow and began watching them there, mainly over this past summer. Let's just say that I've managed to watch three or four years(?) of RM in like two or three months. That's a lot of Running Man.
At first, I wasn't a big fan of Kwangsoo. I wasn't sure how I felt about him to be honest. I mean, when I first watched it, it was hard to since all I saw was him betraying and putting his hyungs and noona out for his own survival. The more I watched it though, the more I realized that it's his defense mechanism. He's not known as the "god of misfortune" on the show for no reason. He's just got bad timing, unless you look at it from Jaesuk's point-of-view and "it's just the variety god looking out for him." Recently, I've started watching the episodes from the first one to catch up on the year and a half or so that I haven't seen because it's not on DramaFever. If you've seen the very first episode and even the few after that, you'll realize that he's been like that from the beginning... He's an interesting oppa.
The funny thing is that I usually go for guys younger than me but, on occasion, I get one that's older than me that I just absolutely adore. Kwangsoo is definitely one of them. I honestly have wanted to be on the show just so I could be on his team and protect him from everyone else. I have no idea how that would work, considering I'm only like 5'1" but, hey, I've got a little power behind me. I love Running Man as a whole, but Kwangsoo does something special to me. Watching the first episodes (I think I'm at episode 10 now?), he has always had this pure heart. Even if he does betray, it's all for the games. When he's not playing a game or doing a mission, he's still this boy-like man that I adore.
I haven't watched his dramas or movies yet, but it's mostly because I'm not big on either. I watch them on occasion, but I honestly want to see the ones he's been in and all his future work. I do want to see that serious acting side of him. I just have to find out what all of them are and then find them subbed and then make sure I have time to watch them... I'd make time for him... If I could find something.
I could tell you what I like about him but that would probably take a while. You're welcome to ask me though, if you want. ♡ For now, enjoy a nice, little spam~ ♡
He's precious. ♡
I kind of ship kooksoo, too. Just so you know.
I'd date that. And, probably, marry that. ♡
Thank you for reading! ♡ I don't know who to tag, but I'll tag a few of the usual crew that tags me. Lol I hope you guys don't mind. ♡ @B1A4BTS5ever @ChelseaJay @kpopandkimchi @wllmvns @AimeeH
@ChelseaJay I'm glad. Thank you. ^u^ @AimeeH Isn't he?! He deserves love. c: @wllmvns Really? I think it takes time to really get interested in it though. The more episodes you watch, the more you can get into how they generally act with each other. That's what makes it amazing. ^^ I do recommend that you try watching it though. ^^
@TamsinSkye I bet meeting them was awesome, too! :D I really wish I could meet them, all of them really. ^u^ Thank you for telling me. I'll go try and check them out! ^^
I love Kwang soo so much! I had the pleasure to meet Haha and Kim Jong kook last year and I knew if I could meet someone next it would definitely be him! Definitely check out City Hunter and It's Okay, That's Love if you want to watch dramas with him. he's incredible!
Tbh I never really wathced Running Man either. But now I want to check it out!!
He's so precious! I like him too
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