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I personally think this is great and I'd love to see more. the eye is wonderfully drawn. the rest of the composition looks to me like a doodle sketch. I draw sometimes when I'm focused on other things... almost like a nervous habit. in high school and college I would do drawings like this in my notebooks while I was in other non art classes. it was almost like meditation. sometimes I start a drawing with no plan, no idea where I am going with it... and sometimes the end result was something I liked, sometimes it was something I didn't like. I can tell you that I have so many experimental drawings and in each there's a lesson. the eye in this drawing is brilliant. and although it looks like perhaps you didn't have a plan or the plan wasn't something that you were inspired to do something with... there's something that you can be inspired by I hope so you can move forward experimenting. just never be hard on yourself if you feel like you are not getting the results you want. it (drawing) should be something that you enjoy... for me it was a challenge that kept my mind excited. it still does. drawing is like an old friend. it's something I love. I can sit down and draw, pen, pencil and paper or at the computer with my Wacom tablet and I can lose track of time. I get excited thinking about what I challenges await me. don't be hard on yourself. find the purpose that means the most to you and focus on that. I can tell you with no question, you have talent. :-)
I... have nothing to say, but thanks. Ive seen your drawing and ive been using some as examples to other drawings I dont post on Vingle.
I love this. elegant, simple lines. in art school I kept a journal and did sketches like this as the inspiration hit. This is a great drawing.