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An Otaku's Diary #3
Hello there everyone! This is usa-chan man, aka usa-chan. As you all know, or should know by now, I got to school... Hence the title. Anyways, for the past weeks-- yes, weeks-- I have been bombarded with homework, quizzes and tests. So I had no time what-so-ever to watch anime or even read manga. YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?!?!?
It's being a fat cat. You want to eat some more, but your owner makes you go on a diet. Umm... No. ME WANT FOOD!
And when you think that you don't have anymore homework, the next class gives you an hour long homework to go with your 5 other hours worth of homework. Then you go home and glare at it with despise. I mean don't get me wrong. I sometimes enjoy the homework, especially if it's a project and involves me drawing. But, sometimes teachers forget that we have a life to. And to think they expect of us to do homework, get an A on the test, and be social outside of school. We are not machines that can do all these things everyday. Sometimes I can, and all the time I do, but it's very trying on my body.
Sometimes, I have to lay on my bed and seriously have a moment to myself because of how much there is to do. And that my brain can't handle everything you give. That's why I read manga and watch anime because they help calm me down. So since it's been weeks without it, today I shut put off all my work and just watch anime and read manga. Then, I'm going back to work.
Well, actually scratch that. I actually do have a lot of work. I'm going back to do them. Other than that, hope you all have a fantastic day! Yours truly, ~usa-chan man

*Bonus: How long have you ever stopped watching anime and/or reading manga? How did it feel like?

**School Edition- #4 is up!**
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I hear you man. Classes are hell, but as an english major i can use my classes to fuel my need to read manga and see anime. They help inspire my creative writing which i use for classes. However i still get bombarded with work whoch cuts in my me time. So i atleast read one manga per day. save up the anime for the one day i have free
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@CarlosG It's okay there mate! And that's exactly what I do too. The perks of having a science major is that when I read a manga that has some disease in it, I laugh because I know what they're talking about
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