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I am a huge gamer hahah I've had almost all consuls know to man😳😳 hahah jk jk but I have had quiet of few of them :) and I'll name them to you Nintendo,Super Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64, GameBoy,GameBoyPocket,GameBoy Advance, GameBoySp, PlayStation, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, Playstation 3, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, X Box, and The PlayStation 4..... Hummm I believe these are all the consuls I've had and some i still have Hehehe. My favorite games to play are Fighting,Horror, RPGs, strategy Games, and Shooting games 😎
What type of video games do you guys like? And what consuls do you own or which ones have you own? :) comment below and share!!!!! Hahah #BeProudToBeAGamer
I've played most consoles, but I've only owned a few (grew up/still am pretty poor) I've played all the playstations and owned every one except 4, I've played dreamcast, n64, snes, gamecube, gameboy, gomeboy advance, psp, PC games, wii, wii u, xbox and xbox 360, and some others I'm forgetting. I like basically every type of game except sports games. though I do enjoy madden from time to time.
🎮New 3DS XL. Anyone? No? Alrighty then...