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So yesterday I decided to try something new and went to some club with my friends (im not huge on crowds and stuff like that) and while we were there for a while we went on one of the main floors as soon as we got down there the Dj started playing GD's part of Dirty Vibe!!!!!!I seriously wasn't too into the club it was decent since i was with my friends but way too hot and people are creeps. But I kid you not I thought I was dreaming when they started playing it and the typical loyal fangirl I am I Sang every word loud as ever! Idk about you but me and Jiyongi are meant to be because I never here that song and for them to play only his part while im there!
@wllmvns Me either! I don't hear kpop ever unless I listen to the korean station or my phone music but it was Ultra I think? in DC
@Marilovexoxo Yeah I've never heard of clubs ever playing Kpop. Where did this happen?
@Marilovexoxo That does sound like fate not even gonna lie girl!!! XD
@wllmvns right!! I couldn't believe it because all they were playing all night was drake and other random music and then I here Jiyongi and instantly I was singing along korean parts and all lol I was soo happy