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It's Saturday! Hope everyone is having a fun energetic day~ here is some adorable P.O to get you through your day~ I tag people whether I know you or not ~ @2neAlanna @Taijiotter @ZerotheRaven @Emealia @Candyland1986
@CarlyHankins I'll try! I'm hoping they'll let us take pics or something but knowing Club Nokia I don't think they will allow it because when I went to see Ukiss there they didn't allow pictures or videos. I'll try to sneak some if I can though!
@CarlyHankins awwwww 馃槩 if you were able to go which one would you have gone? I'm going to Club Nokia in L.A
@CarlyHankins I agree with every single word you said haha you going to see them perform??
@CarlyHankins Yay now i can tag you on P.O related posts haha i love him so much. One second he's acting aegyo and the next BAM throws you some sexy at your face lol have you seen his legs? HIS LEGS ARE MY SAVIOR
im glad I finally met someone who's bias is p.o!! this made me so happy to see my baby馃槉馃槉
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