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It's Saturday! Hope everyone is having a fun energetic day~ here is some adorable P.O to get you through your day~ I tag people whether I know you or not ~ @2neAlanna @Taijiotter @ZerotheRaven @Emealia @Candyland1986
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@blockbvillains I wish so freaking bad!!!! but im broke at the moment馃槀 it would be a dream come true like my life would be complete
@CarlyHankins awwwww 馃槩 if you were able to go which one would you have gone? I'm going to Club Nokia in L.A
@blockbvillains thats the one I was looking at馃槶馃槶 but when you go will you share with me? lol馃槦
@CarlyHankins I'll try! I'm hoping they'll let us take pics or something but knowing Club Nokia I don't think they will allow it because when I went to see Ukiss there they didn't allow pictures or videos. I'll try to sneak some if I can though!
@blockbvillains you should come kidnap me and take me with you馃槀馃槀 i envy you rn lol!!