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Ultimate Bias Day! 馃挏
So I've been thinking about this sooooo much!! It's so hard to pick the ULTIMATE bias ): thanks to @B1A4BTS5ever!! ^_^
Do I choose the gorgeous Baekhyun with his amazing voice?
Or the lovely Princess Jin who came in and stole my heart!
I'm still kinda stuck on my first ^_^


Yes he has a twin and people ask how can you choose one twin over the other?? Well they may be twins but their personalities are completely different!
This is the very moment he got me stuck into kpop! It's just one of those instances that just click! I was streaming through YouTube bored during our winter break until I found Boyfriend!
His smile.. ahh!! Reminds me why I have him as my ultimate ^_^
He is just too much for me at times Lol from his pikachu onesie to him in a dress! Of course he is prettier than me in a dress
Lol yes it's hard to choose between idols let alone twins!! But his 4Dness is so relateable it's too funny XD Sorry for a short and not so worded card D: kinda busy still but wanted to make something before I didn't have any more time (:
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