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Where are my One piece fans at?! Let's come together and have discussions about characters, arks, and where the amazing story will take in the future. Please no spoilers! It's the grand age of Pirates let's set sail!
one piece is love one piece is life
People are theorizing that sanji is royalty which is why his poster says only alive now. One piece new episode is tonight, I'm just so excited for when luffy shows his new power in the anime. It's gonna be epic.
I can proudly say I'm caught up on one piece ✌
one piece is just a masterpiece created by Oda. It's something more than just other anime because the adventure and friendship portrayed in this anime. It keeps us fans on the edge when something amazing happens with the straw hats or we cry when puffy cries. Almost feels like we are part of the crew and always there to support every member.
one piece > other anime
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