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Hi everyone, This incidence happened with me few months ago. I made a friend in a workplace a girl which was introvert kind of girl. We were in a same team so i got the chances to talk to her. She was really nice and less talkative. I used to try to talk to her in a workplace but she always hesitated but when it comes on online chat she was like completely different. She was so much friendly there and so talkative. May be because of her introvert nature as i told before. We used to talk with each other a lot but not face to face. It's not like that i didn't try. I tried a lot but she was different. She was a nice girl with good positive thinking with some wierdo things. She is not on any social networking site except whatsapp. She says that she doesn't like to show off her life on Internet. Yeah it was actually like that she never even showed her own display pics on whatsapp. I even asked her that you should try it once to put your own display pic. We used to share our thoughts with each others. She never got bore of me. Always answered me whenever i asked her anything.She used to use the smiley a lot in every conversation like all other girls. After few months she left the job and moved on to the another city but we were still in contact. She was refusing to go to another city. I encouraged her to go and to think about her career first. One day we were like doing a chat but her answers were like she is upset with something. You can understand about other person even by texting when you talk to them on regular basis. I didn't ask her on that day because there could be some personal problem. I thought the problem would be solved ownself. But this whole thing kept on happening for a week so i decided to ask her if something is wrong. She replied no i am ok. Then i noticed that she has started putting her pictures on display pic on regular basis. I praised her for that. but again she was replying not in a positive manner. So i again asked her if there is something wrong you can share with me or did i do something wrong? I seriously don't know what happened after that she didn't answer me. I thought she is so much upset so i decided to talk to her after a week so that she would be calm down. I just sent a hi to her after a week, she didn't reply. I again asked her what happened, but there was not a single response though she was reading my whole messages. I tried to call her but she never picked up my phone. I was seriously not able to understand that what the hell i did? I mean i was asking her about the problem. Is it wrong to ask your friends about their problems if they are in a stress? I tried a lot but no response. I even said you don't want to talk to me it is ok without any condition but just tell me that what was my mistake? How can someone be so rude? She was the same girl to whom once i said that you are so down to earth girl. Now i laugh at me. She didn't block me but she was like always reading my msgs but no reply. One day i just to check if she really reads my msgs, i wrote to her that God will do the same with you what you have done with me. Tadaaaa Next day i was blocked :D I don't understand where was i wrong?
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Thank you everyone for showing your support and sharing your views. I am really glad to see your positive attitude towards these types of problems. When I was going through all this I was like never trust anyone in future but she was the only one person. Now I am totally positive in my life. I have learnt something from this. Every mistakes and bad situation teach us something new. That is why it is said that '' WHATEVER HAPPENS IT HAPPENS FOR THE GOOD '' and it's really true. thank you again everyone.:-)
@DeepakAswal Well always be here for you as long as you need us and it's always a pleasure to help.You're a very strong person and I love the way you think. I'll have to take a leaf from your book
You are most welcome! I hope I didn't offend. Sometimes these situations are like puzzles with missing pieces... and the only way to find the missing pieces is look everywhere (meaning ask all sorts of questions). Sometimes this helps break things loose and suddenly a clearer picture emerges. Regardless, I hope this helped you! Hang in there!
@DeepakAswal It's really lovely to see such openness & honesty when you discuss your feelings. That will never be a bad thing in the big life picture, even though at times it can cause some hiccups. I've been in both shoes as the wounded & the fixer. I'd say only as the wounded once (entered a new relationship too soon & it turns out I was still the fixer). That's the role I naturally fall into & like you seem to subconsciously be attracted to/attract the wounded type. It's never worked out favourably. Sadly, I've found that really inwardly insecure people, have actually done the most immoral & hurtful things to the relationships I've had with them & to me. I guess the point I'm trying to make is people who are hurting hurt other people both intentionally & unintentionally. So by blocking you she may have been protecting herself from you & potential hurt and/or protecting you from her if she felt you worthy & herself too damaged. :-)
thanks @MissB82 for your views. I appreciate it.