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this drama.... I just love it so much! I am obsessed with the fact that hwang jung-eum and park seo-joon are in another drama together. This drama has helped me so much with having second lead drama from kill me heal me. This drama is so cute and just so amazing from the cast and the plot of the show. I am getting so frustrated though because i want ji sung-joon to know already!!!!!! there was so many opportunities and i feel like i am going to break down in tears every time it doesn't end up happening. (for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, WATCH IT)
I hate having second lead syndrome so much! I mean how come hye jin doesn't doesn't want shin hyuk. he is soooo adorable and hilarious, i mean he does call her jackson but isn't that cute
And there is always that side couple, that of course will never be as adorable as the original couple but still is cute. han-sul does seem mean and i hate her reason to want to be with joon-woo but i still hope they get together. there is so much more i can say about this drama, but i will leave it at that. can't wait for the next episode!!!!!
Okay you guys are seriously killing me! I dont have time in my life for another drama but all these cards are totally convincing me to hahhahha @shinbinhee @adymura95
Love love love this drama!!! Love that he alls her Jackson!!! He is sooooo cute and an awesome daebak character!!!!
Just started watching She was Pretty and it is soooo good! I love that they are in another drama together
Hahaha watch it. You will totally fall in love with it