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Don't Have A Korean Name?

Ever since I've became a Kpop fan and know a little bit more about Korea lifestyle I've always wanted my own Korean name. 😊 this Korean Name Generator is awesome, now you can have your own Korean Name too. I got this from This Korean Name giving is just for fun! My Korean Name is: YOON SEULRIN. 😏😊 I hope you all like your names, and I would like to know your Korean Name, please comment your name down below! 😁😊♥️
I love everyone's name! 😊😊♥️♥️ and nice to meet all of you!
i already have one because i'm a korean lol. anyway this is different from my name now. Song Doah... i prefer the present......... haha
신 수 윤 Shin Soo Yoon
hi I'm Nam Bo Yeon
I'm Kang Jae Min
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