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Remember when I was little and on Saturdays I used to stay up just watch it and then just pass out 馃槀
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Inuyasha was also the first anime I watched! 馃榿when I was in middle school my cousins friend that was staying with us he would watch anime shows on tv and naruto on the computer and I would always leave before they started but one day I stayed and watched Inuyasha with him and I fell in love with it ^.^
I guess I wasn't the only one staying up late to watch it 馃槄
Omg!! I used to get in so much trouble behind this show when I was in high school! I would set my alarm for 12:30am so that I could wake up, then sneak downstairs and watch it on adult swim!! I was (and still am at 26) addicted!!
omg yes this is the first anime i watched before i got or knew of anime n i love it its my fav anime yay InuYasha 馃槏
I fucking love this anime!! first time I saw it was on adult swim