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You are Yandere! The personality opposite to a tsundere (in my opinion). A yandere is a person who seems nice and affectionate, but deep down they have a psychotic obsession with their lover. A yandere is very unstable and can have a jealous side. You like to go out and eat sweets, especially with your lover (if you have one) and you also like to have a good time. But if you see your lover with someone else, you tend to get very...VERY angry. You are Yandere! A nice person with a "dark" side!
I can be very deceiving and manipulative when I want something.
I don't mind offing people who get in my way and anger me to a point of absolute rage. I'm very protective of family and friends/people I love unconditionally.
When love is blind I can be just as naive and stupid as the next girl.
I am forever loyal like a puppy and I will always keep track of you....err...I mean stay in contact with you >:)
I am a masochist and often question myself and then.....
I explode.....
A yandere is also well prepared....FOR ANYTHING!
Sorry it's late @rosepark, the weekend got busy with homework and such. But I am a Yandere, so I am forever loyal to you! xD
I look forward to this weeks challenge.
Tsundere apparently
@RosePark I try ^^
Whoa! Pretty bad-ass! xD I hope to never get on your bad side T.T So glad youre loyal to me (if that was meant for me) Also you're not late haha its until wednesday so youre early compared to other people! I think we all have a yandere side to be honest lol Once again great card! ^^~