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So, I just started to watch this show, and I was wondering what everyone thought about it? So far, I really like where the story line is going, and the graphics are great! Then again, I have only watched episode 1.
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@RosePark Thank you! I haven't gotten to watch anymore this week, but I'm going to watch it on my days off. @littlemaryk I'm glad the characters develop. I get really annoyed when characters stay the same or have no back story.
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@Summerelder21 Glad I helped ^^ Enjoy the anime and if there's anything else I can help you with just let me know or ask the community for help!
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I completely feel you. I like for a story to bring you in on all aspects that go with it. This one is pretty decent at doing so. @Summerelder21
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Is the anime still going on because the last time I watched it, it left me on a cliff hanger!
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its awesome
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