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ahhh, i keep forgetting to upload this pic of my new nail color, attribute to my sis @YinofYang ,her love for many shades of green ♥ Color: Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear, #340 Mint Sorbet
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Squee! You're too awesome, sis! I like it a lot. You even managed to find a very light green. It looks really good.
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i like to call it pastel green and plus with easter coming up, perfect for the occasion ;) glad you like it, now when will i see your nails?! send me a pic, nah you dont have to post it on here...lolz
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That's true and it also works for St. Paddy's Day! Bah, you don't want to see them. They're cut short and not colored at the moment. They're boooring.
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