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"Gahh this pisses me off!" I yelled as Amber and I were trying to come up with more lyrics for the song. We had only two weeks left and we had a few more lyrics than before, but not enough for it to actually be called a song. And we didn't even have chords yet! "Yah! Complaining won't do any good! Come on!" "Aish.. okay." I mumbled. I laid down, closed my eyes, and took a deep breathe. "Yah.. get up. Don't make me sit on you." "Okay! I'm up!" I sat up but it was a little too fast and I ended up on top of Amber our faces just inches apart. I could feel my heartbeat ringing inside my ears as I stared at her chocolate brown eyes. She was hesitating but so was I. Reality brought me back when I heard the front door open. I quickly got off of her and ran downstairs only to be greeted by my father. I rolled my eyes and went to the fridge to get some water. "Hey Ash?" He said. I just looked at him. "I want you to meet someone. I know you've never agreed to the way your mother and I have lived but I want to change that. That's why... I'm getting married." He said with a hopeful smile. Meanwhile, I spit out the water and looked at him. "What the actual fuck? You leave Melanie and I for three weeks. No Note, no calls, No nothing, and then you come back and tell me you're getting married!? Gee. What a great dad you are." I glared at him. He came closer to me. "I'm sorry Ash. I needed time to-" "To get away from us. Your past." I finished for him. "I get it. You can go ahead and leave with her. It won't make a difference. You were never here anyways." I walked past him when suddenly he grabbed my arm. "She's going to live here. Please be nice." I ripped my hand away from his grip and went upstairs. I saw Amber on my bed and immediately burst into tears. She came rushing to me as soon as I fell to the floor. There she wrapped her arms around and rubbed my back. "Hey I know I wasn't supposed to... but... I kinda eavesdropped and well... no offense but.. your dad's a douche." She said and I laughed. "Hey I know this isn't enough but remember what I told you that day in the oak tree?" **flashback** "Hey you know, you should smile. Your smile is one of those that can light up the universe. And don't even get me started on your eye smile. That's how I can tell if you're actually happy or not. I know we haven't talked but.. that doesn't mean I haven't been watching you. Don't think of me as a creep though! Because I'm not a creep! I just think you're really pretty! Well okay it's not that.. well you are pretty! But you're more beautiful on the inside. Not that you're not beautiful on the outside! You know what? I'll shut up now." I laughed so hard at her I started rolling around the ground clutching my stomach while she just pouted. Tears now gone and it was just replaced by my laughter. "See princess? All you need is a little klutz like me to make you laugh and then bam. Your tears are gone." She smiled. "Thank you Amber." I smiled and went over to hug her and kissed her cheek. She stiffened and I realized. Her cheeks are soft. I immediately cupped them and started to play and feel her cheeks. They are softer than a baby's butt! "Yah! What are you doing to me!" She mumbled. I looked up at her and immediately stopped moving my hands. We locked eyes and I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. My stomach feels funny.. What is this feeling? Whatever it is I like it. Before I knew what was going on we were both moving closer our faces now centimeters away.. All of a sudden my phone started to ring and I was brought back to realization and I was angry. I looked away and looked for my phone and answered. **flashback over** I burst out laughing at the thought of when she was acting cute. "Yah! Don't laugh at me!" She pouted and crossed her arms. "I'm sorry! Its just that all it takes is a klutz like you to make me laugh!" I quoted from her words on that day. She just grinned. "I'm glad you remember then." "Well it's almost 9 and I should get going I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?" "Okay! Bye!" I smiled. That night I couldn't control my heart beat in just thinking about her. Amber Liu. What are you doing to me?
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this is so deep yet so cute
Spoiler alert; it'll come back
yesss double update! This was so precious. I needed something a bit lighter after all that heartbreak earlier!