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If you're new to this story here's the first card!
I woke up and looked around. The sun wasn't out yet so my best guess was that it was 5 in the morning or something. I heard voices downstairs, I sat up and kept trying to figure out who the voices were but couldn't get anything so I put on my shoes and grabbed my phone, and made my way towards the door. I managed to go down the stairs without making a noise. "But what if they don't appreciate of me? What if-" Someone said. "Don't worry. Melanie and Ash will love you because they will see how happy you make me." Someone else said. I peeked a little more and saw that it was my father and some other lady. He was holding her with his chin resting on top of her head. This scene bringing back memories from long before when I caught my parents in the same position. Except my mother was crying for some unknown reason I never got to learn why. I looked away and accidentally knocked over an umbrella who decided to make a noise and let the world know I'm hiding. "Who's there?" My father. I froze. "Ash?" I heard my name. I turned around and saw my dad and that woman, and now that I could finally see her face, I was shocked. I don't know what happened but soon I was out of the door and running towards wherever my feet could take me. I fell to the floor, sobbing. That lady, broke my family. That lady ruined everything. That lady broke my mother and turned her into what she is now. That lady made my mom almost kill herself. That lady had my mother's trust at first. That lady, was my mother's best friend. I felt so much anger in me. Just seeing that my own mothers' best friend betrayed my mom and took her husband. And now she wants us to be a family? Of course, We're not enjoying her stay. We're not accepting her. I shivered as I realized how cold it was today. I looked up and saw that I was at the park, the one place where I feel most relaxed in. I walked down towards the lake and just sat there looking out and taking deep breathes to get me to stop crying. It only resulted in me crying some more. I started thinking of Amber and calmed down a bit. I remember how she walked in that day, I remember how we had our first eye contact. I remember that little heart beat that I decided to ignore. Cause you're the one that I know I've been searching for.. I wish I could say these things to you.. I don't even know. You make me go ohh, I don't want to be alone no more. Woah, Woah, Woah, without you I feel so cold. I smiled to myself, tears now gone and I realized. That my thoughts gave me some awesome lyrics. I rule!
I finally caught up!!ㅋㅋ I'm loving the story and all the amber feels ^^
I loveeee ittt T3T please tag me again when you update~