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Only Dub I prefer over Sub is the DragonBall series. Just because I can't take Goku's voice.
na fuck that, dubs can, and are, as good as subs depending on whole casts the actor. I dont always like my characters to sound like little kids (subs) and other times i dont want some badass dude sounding like a preppy boarding highschooler (dubs). Both can be good. What I dont understand is that we always argue about which is better, im sure there are Japanese people who dont like the voice actors as well and could like our dubbed voices better??
sorry that was meant to say WHO not WHOLE
the only exception is hetalia dubed because in my mind it adds to there character you can her the accent in the voices of like French or German or even Italy unlike in the sub version
Subs are the best! The only exception are dragonball and inuyasha. I just love when the Inuyasha's english voice actor say "Wind Scar!" Lmao. If you're watching a japanese anime then japanese voices are the best! If you cant read and watch at the same time then you must read hella slow or you havent seen enough subbed anime 馃槀 I promise you will read faster and understand japanese over time 馃槒