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So @AimeeH did this game and i couldn't help myself so here are my results!!!!
I just seen these as i was uploading them and I'm sad my hubby ain't Daesung but hey I'm satisfied with Seungri^.^
Oh my gosh! thank you Participating! Seungri would be such a sweet husband! I'm sorry you didn't get Dae in the end, but I love your results!!
its alright i love them regardless but hey no problem!!! i had to do it xD @AimeeH
@ashleykpop Yes they are all so amazing so you can't lose!! Well I really do appreciate your participation! I do these every week, with 2-3 groups!
and i will keep partaking in them:) @AimeeH
@ashleykpop awe awesome! Thank you! I just put up a btob one! I'll ad you to the tag so you don't miss out!!