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It’s official, I have been without hair relaxers for one full year! I will be truthful: having natural hair is a pain in the ass. I would like to just share my personal experience and my thoughts on this topic.
Earlier today I took down my braids, which took five hours. Then it took another 6 hours to detangle my hair. My hair is still detangled. (-_-’)
Sometimes I want to go back to the days when I had straightened hair...when it took me less than five minutes to get ready and I didn’t have to worry about globs of hair products to keep my hair tamed. It seems that everytime I take down my braids and have to really deal with my SUPER THICK AND CURLY mess, and think to myself, “natural hair is bullshit.”
It’s just so much work. And if I don’t do my hair right, I end up with a ball of frizz. I am learning to have patience, but I am running out of it. The longer my hair grows, the more difficult it becomes taking care of it.
When I first did the "big chop" I was digging my hair. Now that it has grown several inches, I feel differently about my hair. A part of natural hair is also learning how to take care of your hair. I've gone through a lot of mistakes, which had made my natural hair experience so difficult.
A part of me thinks it is so sad that I don’t feel comfortable with my own thick tresses of hair. Everyday I think about cutting it very short again or slapping a few boxes of hair relaxers. I am trying to learn patience. I am trying to see how long I can go with this.
I am not sure if I can keep this whole natural thing. But I guess I’ll wait it out another few months...
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What was it called? Definitely not called Rugrats because Rugrats a cartoon.
Lol, close! The movie was called The Little Rascals.
First film I've seen here in America.
Hey @alywoah, congratulations :) that's an awesome anniversary. I hear patience is a big part of it. Either way, I'm sure you look amazing :* you are beautiful!!!
I was scanning cards and saw this one. I wanted to cry. I usually twist my shoulder length natural hair. Ugh. It's a I pain but I love my hair. It takes so much time and lasts 1.5 weeks if I'm lucky. I've been playing in it for the past hour bc it's time to re-twist. I guess this is a love/hate relationship.😢