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Your favorite piece of childhood clothing is back.

I'm sure over the past year or so you've noticed the amount of women wearing overalls. Growing up I owned at least two pair of overalls and I honestly don't know if I loved them more then or now. The great thing about overalls is that fact that they are comfortable, convenient and stylish. You have the option of dressing them up or dressing them down. Finding the perfect fit to suit your preference can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but when you find a pair that fits like a charm -- there's no turning back.
A group of editors over at PopSugar all tried on the same exact pair of overalls from Madewell to see how they liked them. Keep in mind, each lady has a different body shape which allows you to use the editor closest to your body shape as a reference. If you already own a pair of overalls, just know that there's nothing wrong with owning more than one piece. For those who don't, keep scrolling to see how each editor felt about the pair of overalls they tried on.
Shape: Apple
Editor: Emelie Burnette, copy editor
Typical Size: Large / 29
Madewell Overalls Size: Large
How They Fit: "I was happy that these overalls didn't bunch anywhere. They gave me a more relaxed shape around my sides, rather than clinging in weird places and drawing attention to my hips, as a lot of boyfriend-fit pants do on me."
How I Feel: "I liked the overalls because they were extremely comfortable. I'd feel just as comfortable tossing a formfitting shirt under there on a brave day as I would a slouchy sweater to run errands. They'd also work with any of my shoes! Always a plus."
Shape: Athletic
Editor: Sarah Wasilak, fashion editorial assistant
Typical Size: Small / 26
Madewell Overalls Size: Extra Small
How They Fit: "The Madewell overalls have just enough stretch and slouch for me. At the same time, they don't loosen up with wear, and they're the perfect length for me to roll them up, being that I'm short."
How I Feel: "Since I'm 5'1", I'm definitely still petite, and I've got a small waist. But I'm also an avid runner, and my legs are toned rather than superslim. I'm always looking for denim that will elongate my body, flatter my booty, and highlight my curves. These overalls definitely do the job."
Shape: Petite
Editor: Samantha Sutton, assistant fashion editor
Typical Size: Extra Small / 24
Madewell Overalls Size: Extra Small
How They Fit: "They were a little loose — kind of like my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans — which is great because I hate clothes that are binding. Being short, I loved the adjustable straps, which helped me alter where they fell on me."
How I Feel: "Comfy! It's like wearing pajamas but a lot more appropriate for social settings. Pairing them with heels and a leather jacket also made me feel a lot more confident, like I was channeling my favorite bloggers or celebrities. Overalls are great in that way: you can dress them up or dress them down — they're just so versatile!"
Shape: Pear
Editor: Caitlin Hacker, associate celebrity editor
Typical Size: Medium / 28
Madewell Overalls Size: Small
How They Fit: "They fit perfectly and stretch just a little bit to hug my curves. They aren't stifling, so I am able to move freely and comfortably without being self-conscious about anything."
How I Feel: "I love how comfortable I feel in them! I've been looking for a good pair of overalls for over a year and have had no luck until this pair. As an adult, you sometimes forget that you can make a trend from your childhood still work, and these overalls definitely prove that. There are so many ways to style these — both casual and dressy — so they will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this season."
Shape: Curvy With A Booty
Editor: Jessica Cruel, associate beauty editor
Typical Size: Medium / 28
Madewell Overalls Size: Medium
How They Fit: Although I could have fit into a size small — and tried them on too! — I felt like the medium pair flattered my booty. The bagginess gave my cheeks just enough room without creating that awkward crotch pull.
How I Feel: Overalls could be the perfect solution for women with big butts. While most jeans that fit my thighs and derriere are too big for my waist, the overall straps remedy that problem. Also, being that I'm on the short side, they are easy to roll up to show a little ankle.
Shape: Thin With Less Curves
Editor: Marina Liao, network editorial assistant
Typical Size: Small / 26
Madewell Overalls Size: Extra Small
How They Fit: The denim felt sturdy and fit me well, instead of hanging loosely on my body, which is important to me, since I've got less curves.
How I Feel: My first time trying on overalls was a success! I paired them with a fuzzy blue sweater to add texture and make the look more interesting. Since my body type is naturally stick straight, the thicker sweater actually made me look fuller. And for anyone who is worried about feeling like a kid in overalls, as I did, just cuff the legs and throw on a pair of minimalist beige heels to add extra oomph.
Editor: Alessia Santoro, assistant moms editor
Typical Size: Large / 30
Madewell Overalls Size: Large
How They Fit: "The overalls fit me well, and they were just the right length instead of being too short, which is a constant issue for me when I buy jeans."
How I Feel: "As someone who figured overalls would never look good on my body type, I was pleasantly surprised by this pair, as they were extremely comfortable. This is a pair of overalls that I could see myself buying — and probably will, because I mean, I think I worked them — and more importantly, that I could recommend to any of my friends (who come in all shapes and sizes) with confidence that they would all find them flattering."