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So one day, I was randomly wondering if there were any Apps for voice acting at all, and I came across this one. This app is so great, and it lets you collaborate with anyone in the world in Anime/Manga Comics made by the community and also by professionals, and it's extremely fun.
The app lets you record and re-record as much as you want, and the comic strips are animated too!
You can even Choose to cast people who have recorded on that same Manga.
If you want to practice or ever wanted to take a little gander at Voice Acting either Manga or Anime then this is a great app for that!
This is an example of one that I personally took part in, I play the voice of Kishida-Kun, and man was it so fun! Here's the Link: ( http://viewer.say-u.club/collabo/4e81e440-6fb4-11e5-89f6-123143070e33 ) Or Click on the bottom right-hand side of the pictures above.