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1. one piece. My absolute favorite anime. it's always number one to me
tokyo ghoul is so crazy and messed up and so damn awesome I love it
guilty crown, it's one of the saddest animes ever to me but has probably the best sound track in my opinion.
and just a few other favorite, or honorable mentions lol DEATH NOTE, BLUE EXORCIST, MIRAI NIKKI, SWORD ART ONLINE, and SKET DAN. please let me know which ones you like or suggest I like pretty much every type of anime. long or short, manga as well.
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yea totally @mrl5436 there's actually an ending for the series in the manga
2 years ago·Reply
really? wow! I'll try to look for it some time :p do you have a certain app for reading manga or did you buy the books
2 years ago·Reply
I watch and read all my anime and manga free at animania and mangamania. just search em online they're not in the app store. and it's for android
2 years ago·Reply
ah okay thank you! :)
2 years ago·Reply
always here to help if it's anime related
2 years ago·Reply