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My First time i Cosplayed was at the Long beach Comic Expo last year and I dressed as Deadpool >:) my favorite Anti-Hero!! Hahaha "BANG BANG!" I was chunky then but right now I have lost a lot of weight :) I'll put pics of my new Deadpool costume from this years con! :) Like,Share, tell me what you think in the comment section ^_^ @StrangeBlackCat @Ticasensei
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@SusiBosshammer hahah yes it was pretty hot :) and thanks lol but there was AC in there so it wasn't that bad haha :)
I don't evny hot how you must have been!!!
@hikaymm lol it was kinda hot bit really lol x) around that time I believe it was winter ^_^ and there was AC every where in the convention center hehehe :)
@MoisEsGaray that's really good! The last con I went to was in the spring but they still had the heat on (it was sort of chilly that year but with all the people in the building the heat was totally unnecessary ugh)
@shannonl5 hahah I feel you lol when there is a lot of people it gets hot quick hahah x)