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Hello Vingle Friends! Welcome to Day 10 of Otaku October! <3

Today, let's talk about the struggles of crushing on animated characters!

There have been a lot of cards about which animated characters we like/have a crush on but we don't talk enough about the struggles of having one. That look we get when trying to explain why we absolutely love this one anime character is something only fellow anime fans would understand. It happens to me all the time. I just tried explaining Eren to a friend. XD

Tell me about your anime crush struggles! Who is that anime crush that you can't even begin to explain to others?

I have one from like every anime I watch and it's a real issue! 馃槯馃槯
I literally have an anime crush from every anime I watch. its such a struggle...
mine is Sebastian from black butler. I feel I never get bored with him. um.... just love him. *blush*
I wouldn't say I have a crush on all of the host club members but I do like Kasanoda and the twins. but they all are dear to me. It feels like I am apart of their fake anime family. I would say I want them to be real but no. I want to join them being fake. In an anime world
There's a lot and they are very dear to me and I'm the only one I ever get to fan girl with.... my husband clearly would be opposed.... I wish I could get him into anime...... I want a watching buddy that's not 8 hrs away
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