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What's your opinion on Fairy tail? Who's your favorite character? What do you think of the old and new season? How about the filler episodes? (this is my first post sorry if it's a little rough)
Love FairyTail!! It's highly addictive. Can't choose 1 favorite character since it's a tie between Erza and Gray.
i love fairy tail. i love the entire fairy tail guild and the new seasons are better then u thought itd be and the filler episodes are cute
My favorite character is everyone and everything is awesome
natsu hes has more of a pure innoccent heart than anyone and i think the filler eps are just as good as the reg eps are and @TaylorLauren i think ur post is perfect
It's hands down my favorite anime it's one of those shows I just found it easy to develop an emotional connection with. manga, dubbed, subbed. It's something that genuinely picks me up.
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