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Okay so I am extremely late, so I apologize. College consumed my soul this week! But, nonetheless, it's here!! Let's begin!! I'm working on the Monsta X one next!! I did it different this time. I got a few apps to work with, I like the way it came out. Let me know if you like it like this, or the original way. If you know the drill, continue on. If you are new, welcome. Just Screenshot each Gif below to reveal your results. You can either post in comments or make your own card. Completely up to you! I have really enjoyed everyone's participation and Results! So let's begin! Suggestion Credit: @baileykayleen @panouvang123 @tayunnie


Crush Boyfriend Secret Admirer Saves You. First Kiss Introduces You to Family Protective One Jealous One Childhood Friend Husband
Story time: (Skip if you want) "Hey, come on we're going to be late", I heard the voice of my best friend that I have had for years. Eunkwang spent his life growing up with me and getting used to all of my little quirks. He wanted to go the movies, and we were to meet up with his other friends. I felt a spark and had liked him for as long as I could remember; knowing someone like the back of your hand does that to you. That night though, he had asked for us to be official. Of course I said yes. (Skip Months) We started to drift apart, which hurt my heart. I understood with me being in college and him busy with promoting, but I felt I was not only losing my best friend, but also boyfriend. Suddenly, I got that "We need to talk" phone call. I wanted to put it aside and drag it out; surely he would change his mind. That wasn't the case though. We met at the park where we always would go and feed the ducks. We talked and my heart shattered in pieces. We decided to stay friends. Weeks had gone by and I still wasn't okay. Not paying attention to anything, I walked out in the street. I heard screaming and horns honking, but it didn't dawn on me that the screaming was meant for me. Everything happened so quickly, that the next thing I knew, I was on the ground with a guy who had tackled me. I was angry. I shouted at him and asked if he had mistook me for a football player; surely my 5'3 stature didn't tell him I was a quarterback. He flashed me his smile and shook his head at me. That infuriated me. When I am yelling don't smile at me. It makes me forget what I was mad about in the first place. He extended his hand to help me up, I accepted. When he spoke, it calmed my nerves, so I forgave him like the maniac he seemed to be. "Are you okay? What is so important that you can't watch where you are going?" He started dusting me off. "I don't need a lecture from a stranger." "My name is Hyunsik. Now I'm not a stranger. Are you okay?" I nodded my head and thanked him. I wanted to leave from the bystanders that watched the whole thing. He grabbed my hand and started leading me towards a restaurant. I looked at him funny, but for some reason I didn't pull away. "Sorry that i took so long everyone; I had to prevent a death", he said as he sat me down in front of more strangers. Surprisingly, being around these people helped clear my mind. He walked me home and exchanged numbers; but he kissed me. We decided it was awkward so he became my new best friend. (Skip months) I had been receiving little gifts for a while, but there was never a return address or name on it. For the longest time I thought it was Eunkwang sending his apologies, but I couldn't have been farther from the truth. I met with Hyunsik and his friends, Minhyuk and ChangSub. Minhyuk started to become like a big brother, being protective over me, while ChangSub became the jealous one; thinking I was stealing his friends. That day was the day I would meet the man that would change my life for the better. Minhyuk had arranged his other best friend Peniel to meet me, as if he was Cupid. We hit it off extremely well, and he was sweet as the day is long. (Skip years) Peniel started to become distant as well. The last time this happened, it turned out to be a horrible day for me. Little did I know, he had completely different plans for us. Hyunsik, ChangSub, and Minhyuk joined us for dinner that night. Peniel excused himself about halfway through dinner. The guys were laughing which distracted me from my surroundings. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and looked. Peniel had roses in one hand and a ring in the other as he was kneeled in front of me; he was proposing. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and I wanted to grow old with him too. We got married months later in the presence of our friends and family.
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