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Sorry this took so long, but I had to reupload my fancams to Google Drive because the first time didn't work :/ BUT! I was able to get full fancams for all of BTS's songs at the Atlanta Highlight stop. Even though I had a shitty time there BTS never disappoints with their performances. I know a lot of people weren't allowed in to the event, so I really wanted to share these in case someone on Vingle couldn't get in ^_^ Please excuse my screaming, singing, and comments to my friend! I was super excited and sort of forgot that I was filming LOL. Also, I was in the very back row on top and since I wanted to get all the members in I didn't zoom in, so they look kind of small...
1) N.O (this one isn't as good as the others :/)
2) A little bit of V speaking in their intro (this one is only 10 seconds long...)
3) Dope and Boy in Luv (You can see the glitch everyone was talking about here)
4) I NEED U and the ending (they seriously need to stop ending concerts with I NEED U because now I can't listen to the song without getting post concert sadness all over again)
Thank you so much for sharing. I'm jelly I couldn't be there!
Don't u wish u could go back to that day💯😭