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Jin thinks he just an ordinary boy, but he about to find out he more then he expected. When Jin was a younger he was he was always in trouble. He never knew why trouble always find him. until Jin mom applied him to Senko Academy a school in Japan. He realize that his school wasn't like others. He is about to find out why he is always trouble.
Chapter 1: The First Day "Come Jin wake up." A woman said. "You don't want to be late to your first date of school." She said. Jin opened his eyes, and saw his mom standing there. "Oma okay I'm waking up." he said.Jin look at the clock and saw how late it's was. "Oh crap, I'm going to be late!" He yelled. Rush to the shower, he hurried up and got dress. He came running down the stairs. "Don't forget your breakfast!!" His mom yelled. He came in the kitchen and took a bite of his rice, and egg. His mom laughed as he she saw her son tried to take a bite of each food. "Here just take these boiled eggs." She said to him. He took the boiled eggs and kissed his mom. He hurry and ran down the street to the bus stop. He got to the bus stop and saw a lot if student. He wonder if will fit in, this is his first day at Shinwoo high. He want to start off good, then he did last year. He went to a different school, people use to tease and bully him. His mom wasn't to happy about that so she took him out of that school. The bus pulled and everybody got on. It's was so many people on the bus. He tried to find a place to sit but there wasn't any. He grabbed the pole that was on the bus. The bus pull up to another bus stop. More students got on the bus, there was so many people on the bus he felt like he was squash. The bus pulled up in front of the school. The school was really big, it's look a college campus, he thought. He walked to the grate of the school, he went to the security guard, "Hi I'm new here, can you tell me were the admission hall is at?" He said. The security guard was a old fat short man, he had grey hair. He looked up at Jin with his brown eyes, "Is this your first or second year of high school?" The security guard asked. Jin looked at him, "This is my third year of high school, I'm just new here." He said. The security guard got up, "Follow me." He said. Jin followed the security guard. "Uhm can I get your name?" Jin asked. The security guard turn and looked at him, "Its Eiji." Eiji said. "Is that a Japanese name name?" Jin asked. Every Eiji nods his head. They walked on the sidewalk until they got to Fine Arts Hall. Jin looked up and wonder why he brought him here. "Uhm Eiji why would you bring me him?" Jin asked. Eiji looked at him, "Because your new here all new students must go to an orientation." Jin looked at him, he walked in the fine arts, "But why here?" Jin asked looking back at him. "Just go in theatre and see." Eiji said. Jin walks in the theatre, he saw a woman talking to a lot of students, he looked around and try to find a place to sit at. The woman looked at him, "Are you Jin Kim right?" She asked. He looked at her, she was a beautiful woman. She had her hair in a bun. She wear a suit with a shirk. The suit showed her curves. She looks about she in her mid thirties, but her green eyes says she older. He shook his head, "Well there a seat in the back." She said. He turn his head and saw it. He walked to the back, he didn't realize at first but everybody was looking at him and whispering about him. When he got to his seat, he saw a short guy, his hair was died red and he looked up at Jin and smiled. Jin sat down and the short guy looked at him. "Hi I'm Jimin, I'm new too." He said. Jin nods his head, and looked at the woman talking."For all you new students in going to tell you how this goes." She said. She looked at everybody, "My name is Mrs. Yami." She said. Jin heard that name before but he couldn't put his mind on it. "Right now all of you are in a college theatre. This is your orientation, starting next week you will be getting on the plane to Japan. That's were you'll be going to school at. You won't be able to go home until the school year is over." Jin looked at Mrs. Yami like she was crazy. He didn't know this was an boarding school. He thought this was a regular high school. He raised his hands, "Um, Mrs. Yami, I thought this was Shinwoo high." He said. She laugh and so did everybody else. "Mr. Kim this school is an Japanese school, and Shinwoo is just a cover name." She said. He looked around and felt like an idiot. Everybody was laughing at him, he wanted to get up and leave. But he knew he couldn't. "Don't worry a lot of people get this school wrong." Jimin said. Jin couldn't believe that he isn't going to Shinwoo High. He just looked at Mrs. Yami while he was talking. "After this orientation will go home and pack your things and tomorrow the bus will pick up and take you to the airport. Also before you leave please take a handbook, and Welcome to Senko Academy." She said as she smiled. Everybody started to get up and get a handbook. Jin was still confused to what had happen. He didn't expect that he would be going to Japan let alone a academy. He didn't know what to do. Jimin who was sitting next to him and went and got him a handbook, "Here I know your still shock." He said handing him the book. Jin took the book, he just sat there for a while.Jin hurry and got mom and talk to his mom about changing school. When he ran in to the house, he saw his mom packing his things. She turn and looked at Jin, "Oh, hey Jin I'm just packing some of you stuff. Your school called they told me what kind of school you'll be attending. Isn't it cool you get to go to Japan." She said smiling." Jin was out of breathe and couldn't believe his mom isn't mad at the fact that she put him in school. "Oma can I change school?" He asked out of breathe. She looked at him and laughed. "No Jin I already paid for admission, so your going to that school." She said. He stomped away from his mom. He went to his room, he open is room and saw that his room was empty. His room looked like nobody had ever lived here. He went to his bed that used to have a covers of Vampire Knight anime, and picture too. He love that show, he would watch it with his younger sister. He looked around his empty room and realize that's for a yearhe won't be home. He laid back on his back and looked at the ceiling and closed his eyes."Jin come on dinner is ready." His mom yelled. Jin was still in his room, got up and went to the living room. Their house was to big. They have a dining room but they really don't use it. He saw that's his mom made is favorites. Pork belly, rice, kimchi, and ramen. He sat at the table, he watch his younger sister come out of the bathroom. She came and hug her brother, she sat down, she looked her brother, "So your leaving tomorrow right?" She asked. He nods his head. Him and his sister have a really tight bond, no matter what they had never been apart. He was always that older brother that would let her sleep in his bed when she was afraid of the dark. He use to walk her to school everyday. He would always make sure that his little sister was safe. It's sad knowing that tomorrow morning he will be leaving them for a whole year. "I'm going to miss you when you gone, you know." His sister said looking at him. He smiled at her, his sister had always been pretty. She has long black hair that hangs down her back, her eyes are big and round like the moon. He loves her smile that she always gives him. It'd made him happy, and it made him love her even more. "Mom can I stay home tomorrow and see Jin off?" His sister asked. His mom looked at her and smile, "Baby I already called your school and told them that your going to be late." His mom said. His sister jumped with joy, she was that a should send her brother off, "Yay, I can send my brother off." She said. Jin smiled. "I'm glad you happy, and mom thank you for taking good care of me with out dad. Amy be good to mom okay?" He said. Amy shook her head, and his mom began to cry, What am I supposed to do with a good son like your away." She said. He laugh and hugged his crying mom, his sister began to cry. He took her and hugged her. He was happy that the last day he could send it with his family. He began to cry, he really going to miss them. He closed his eyes and cry with the female in the room.It's was early in the morning, Jin was getting the last of his stuff ready. His mom came in, "Today is the big day." She said. He nods his head, he turn his head and looked at her. He saw his mom began to cry. He went to her and hugged. "What am I supposed to do your growing up so fast." She said sobbing. He held her tight, last night him, his mom, and his sister Amy cried likes babies. He wanted to cried like that now but he knew that he couldn't even if he wanted to. He had to be the strong one. He was holding his mom, that he didn't here that the bus was here. Amy came in, "Hey Jin the bus is here." She said. He let go of his mom and grabbed his things. He walked out the door and saw the bus. The bus looks likes one of the those bus you take when you go to a different city. He turned and hugged his sister and mom. He waves them good bye. He got on the bus and sat next to the window. He saw his mom and sister wave as the bus drove away. He sat back in is seat and he closed his eyes. The bus pulled up to another stop. Jin was looking out the window, he saw some apartments. The apartments looks like people with a lot of money could live here. The glass windows all around the building. The glass automatic doors the opens up. While he was looking at the apartments, he saw that boy come from the orientation, he was thinking of his name but couldn't think of it. When that boy came out he saw that his hair was blonde, he had a nice smile, and when he got on the bus all the girls went crazy when they saw him. He walked until he saw Jin, "Oh hey, you that guy from orientation right?" He said. Jin nods his head. "Can I sit down next you?" He asked. Jin looked at him and shook his head. The boy sat down next him. Jin looked over at him, "Hi I'm Jin and I had forgot your name." Jin said. The boy turn and laugh, "I'm Jimin, don't worry a lot if people forgets my name its common." Jimin said. Jin went back looking out the window. "So how did you get in this school?" Jimin asked. Jin turned his head and look at him, "My mom put me in this school, My last school was to good." Jin said to him. "Why was it? If you don't mind me asking?" Jimin said. Jin looked at Jimin, he realize that nobody had ever asked about his past. "Well ever since I could remember I was always in trouble. I never why or how I get in to trouble but I'm always is. My mom had to mom a lot because of me. When she put me in my last school I use to get pick on. Well one day of the bullies that use to bully me end up in the hospital. I couldn't remember how he got there, but all his friends said I did it. But I can't remember what happen." Jin said. Jimin looked at him with no expression on his face. Jin knew that's once somebody hears his past they going to want to run. Jimin just bust out laughing. "Well yours wasn't as bad as mines." He said. Jin looked at him confused. "People at my old school use to call me a psychopath all because I like death." Jimin said. "I mean I love vampires, werewolves, zombies." Jimin said. Jin couldn't believe that somebody shared their past with him. He knew they will be best friends the whole year.The bus pulled up to the airport. Everybody got off the bus, Jin and Jimin had been talking all the way to the airport. They got off and saw more buses pulling up. "How many bus are in Seoul?" Jin said. "Three." Jin said. They walked in said and went to through the security. They walked to their plane gate and got on the plane. When they got on it, they realize it's was three to a seat. Him and Jimin was sitting in the middle row. They sat down and wait until the plane took off. While waiting a skinny guy came and sat down in their row. Jimin and Jin looked at him. He was skinny, had long legs, blue hair. He turned to them, "Oh hi, I'm Kim Taehyung but you can call me V." He said. He smiled, and had his hand out. Jimin being friendly shook his hand. Jin looked at the boy one more time before he shook his hand. "Hi I'm Jin and this is my friend Jimin, it's nice to meet you." Jin said. V was happy they talked back to him. They began talking to each other, "Are you going to Senko Academy?" Jin asked. "Because my mom thinks it's a good idea for me to get out. See I'm use to be an outcast." V said. Jin looked at him and he couldn't see it. V seems like a decent guy he don't see why people wouldn't think of him like that. "You don't look like an outcast." Jin said. V smiled at him, he couldn't believe somebody didn't think of him like that. The fly attendant came out, " please ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts as we are about to take off." The lady said. Everybody put on their seatbelts, Jin looked at Jimin and V. He was happy to already have to friends. At first he though is was going to horrible but now he might just have fun.Jin, Jimin, and V was all sleep when the plane landed. The attendant started to wake up everybody. Jin woke up and saw people getting up. He looked over at Jimin and V. The both was sleeping on each other. Jin laughed looking at them. "Hey guys we here wake up." Jin said. Jimin rubbed his eyes as he was opening them. He realize that V was laying on him. He push V head off his shoulder. "Wake up man, your drooling on me." Jimin said. V wipes his face and yawned, "Hey man I didn't mean to, and are we here?" V said. Jin nods his head, Jimin wipes the drool off him. They grab their bags and got off the plane. "Were are we supposed to go?" V said. Jin shrug is shoulder, they walked out the gate. When they got to the lobby they was bus drivers have a sign with their school name in it. "Senko Academy." It said. V saw the bus driver and taps Jin, "Hey isn't that our school name?" V asked. Jin and Jimin saw it, the walked to the bus drivers they was so many people standing by them. "Is this everybody?" One of the bus said. Everybody shook their hands, the bus drivers went outside and everybody followed them. They all got outside and saw five buses. Jin, V, and Jimin got on the first one. When they got on they say that the bus was really big. It had more sit, then the plane. Jin and his friends sat all the way in the back. When they sat down they saw that their was headphone on their seats. "What are these for?" V asked. Jimin shrugged his shoulder. The bus became packed everybody was on it. The bus driver came on the bus, he looked around, "Okay everybody sit back put your head phones and watch some movies." He said. He sat down and started the bus, he drove off. "Well from today we are no longer in Korea." Jimin said. Jin looked out the window he just realize the next time he'll see his mom and sister won't be until next year. He looked out the window and watch as the bus drove away. "Hey Jin wake up we hear." V said waking up Jin. Jin open his eyes as the sun shines in his eyes. He looked out the window and saw the academy. He was shock how old the school look like. It's looks like that it had been here for hundreds of years. Jin walks off the bus looked how creepy the looks. A short old lady came out, she looks like she in her sixties, she had to much make up on. She came out to greet us all. "Welcome to the Senko Academy for the supernatural creatures. I'm Miss Hitome I will be your office assistant " The lady said. At first wasn't paying attention but when he heard what she said, he looked at his friends, then he looked at the lady like she just got out of the mental hospital. "Uhm, Miss Hitome did you just say school for supernatural creatures?" He asked. She turned her head and looked at him, "Yes Mr. Kim it's is." She said with a creepy smile. He looked at her and wonder how does she know is name. He looked at his friend and saw that they weren't confused. "Go to city hall were they will take your blood and give you your class and form room." Miss Hitome said. A guy came out and took them to city hall. When they got their Jin saw people taking students blood, they put their blood on a piece of paper. He took in line with Jimin and V. While he was in line, so jock came out of nowhere and bumped in to him. He fell to the ground, "He stupid watch where your standing." The guy said. Jin looked up at the guy, he saw the guy had white hair, his face was round. Jin stood up, "Dude you bumped in to me." Jin said. The guy moved close to him, "What you just say new meat." The guy said to him. Jimin step in between of them, "Come on we are just standing minding our business, until you came." Jimin said. While Jimin and that guy was staring at each other, a security guard came out, "NamJoon is there a problem here?" The security guard asked. NamJoon stood back, "Naw man it's just to New comers are in my way." NamJoon said. He bumped in to Jimin and stared down Jin. He walked away, they saw him walked to two other guys. The two other guys looked them. The security guard came up to them. "Don't worry about them they won't hurt you." The security guard said. The lines move and Jin got his fingers poked. They gave him is classes and his room. He went to one of the dorms and saw that the dorms was creepier then the school. He walked in and saw so many Boys walking around, some had their shirts of, some had only towels on and some just had in clothes. Jin felt like he just walked in a school if twilight. When he got to his dorm, he open the door. He saw that Jimin and V was in his room. He was happy to have the same room as his friends. But he wonder why did his mom put him in a school like this. Will this be another horrible year or will he have to stick until the end.