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City Hunter is the one I would love to be in. Who doesn't want to kiss Lee Min Ho???
I mean come on look at him! Hes cute/sexy even with a mask on. I love him!!! <3
I would so love to play the part of Nana Kim(Park Min-Young), Not only does she get to kiss Lee Yun-Seong (Lee Min ho) he comes to protect her without his "Father" knowing about it. Plus this is one of the cutest things to happen in the drama. Also she is a pretty hardcore woman. Who wouldn't want to kick butt as an agent?
Here's one of the times they kiss, and this is at a point where there is so much going on you really needed something like this in it. (Just my own opinion)
So what are your thoughts on this drama? If you haven't seen it I recommend that you add it to your list of need to watch. @kpopandkimchi @kpoplover1995 @lilytiger84 @AbbyHudson
Love City Hunter. I think Lee Minho was really HOT in here especially his hair love that hair color on him.
yea your right its not as intense but it is funny, and both of the are technically awesome
@BrandonLuckey are you serious?!?!! its a drama now???? oh gosh I have to watch it I read the manga and watched the anime but I'm so excited now! @kpopandkimchi your not a failure you just need to finish it lol.
yea I ended up just watching it twice on Netflix. But either way I like this show I could end up watching it even more times later on. um have you possibly watched kaichou was maid-sama. it's kind of like the same thing in this drama. except the girl is a student council president of what used to be an all boys school but ends up being mixed school. The girl is a maid at a cafe to support her family but no one knows about her being a maid until the most popular boy at her school finds out. Then he does anything for her and protects her when she's not able to take care of herself
I've honestly only seen the first 2 episodes! I feel like a failure hahahha
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