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I gotta ask the otaku community about it to see who has who for waifu.
don't be ashamed for having waifus. it's only another way of supporting you favorite character.
this is a no hate zone. besides if you hate on ones waifu it could be...
... this guy. I'd hate to step into the ring with him.
in case you don't know, mai main waifu is Yuno Gasai. then it's Black Hanekawa and holo... fwi there's a few others like Esdeath I'm deciding on whether or not to.
thanks for no hate. oh and still don't expect to see me post a lot... I'm still getting used to it.
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Annie leonhardt!!
2 years ago·Reply
Hinata from Naruto and Kotegawa from To Love Ru
2 years ago·Reply
Jibril feom No Game No Life :3
2 years ago·Reply
Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
2 years ago·Reply
there's three anime photos I was trying to get the names of, the first pic at the top & the last two at the bottom.
2 years ago·Reply