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THANK YOU, @AIMEEH, FOR TAGGING ME AGAIN! ♡ Let's begin, shall we? ^^ *casually prays for Ilhoonie*

My Results.

Crush: Eunkwang Boyfriend: Hyunsik Secret Admirer: Hyunsik Saves You: Sungjae First Kiss: Peniel Introduces to Family: Sungjae Protective One: Minhyuk Jealous One: Ilhoon Childhood Friend: Eunkwang Husband: Eunkwang


(This should be interesting...) His English was about as good as my Korean. We could communicate to some degree. Other probably thought we were deaf or mute, but we were neither. When Eunkwang and I first met as kids, foreign languages weren't either of our strong suits yet. I spoke English at home more often that not and he Korean. As we grew older together, learning each other's languages became easier. My feelings didn't though. I'd developed a crush on him, especially when I'd heard him sing. Music has always been the way to my heart and he could sing himself straight there. I never said anything to him though, especially not when I found out he was going to debut as a member of BTOB. I didn't want to mess anything up for him or get in his way. Thankfully, we didn't lose touch with one another, despite how busy we both were. I got to meet his members not too long after they'd already debuted. I'd thought music got to me. Apparently, pretty smiles did it, too. Before I realized it, I was trailing around Hyunsik like a lost puppy. I just wanted a little of his attention, even if I didn't realize it myself. He wasn't dense at all and ended up pointing out to me just how it was that I acted around him. It was embarassing to hear but it was definitely worth it. With that dangerous smile of his that I could never say no to, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Do I really have to tell you what my answer was? Come to find out, all the gifts and notes and card and flowers that had been sent to school and work for me were from him. He'd liked me first from what it seemed, or maybe it was simultaneous. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that we were happy together, and we were. Besides Hyunsik and Eunkwang, I couldn't say that I was all that close to the other boys. We talked here and there but it was as though there were some invisible wall between us and they avoided me like I would hurt them somehow. It was like that until one of their concerts I attended. I hadn't known Melodies to be a wild pack of women, like a good amount of other fandoms had seemed to be. The sasaengs didn't seem abundant is all I mean. Of course they had some though, and, one of said sasaengs had found out that I was Hyunsik's girlfriend. I don't know how that got to her or how she got backstage to get to me, but it wasn't pretty. Thankfully, it was during one of their rehearsals. Sungjae had come backstage to use the bathroom when he just so happened to hear me scream. I couldn't recall much of what happened after I screamed, but he told me he saw me being dragged away by some strange girl. All I know is I woke up in his arms with him repeatedly asking, "Noona, are you okay?" Sungjae had saved my life somehow. Hyunsik caught wind of the incident and he broke up with me for my safety. We stayed friends with ease. Sungjae and I grew closer as friends, even to the point that he took me home with him for Christmas to meet his family. All the boys had done it, but Sungjae got to me first. It was when I hung out with Peniel for the holidays that we kissed, first under mistletoe and then to bring in the new year. It didn't matter that we weren't together. It was my first kiss, let alone my first one for each holiday. It was with a same-age friend though and someone that was so easy to get along with. Believe me, his kissing leaves no room for complaints. Ever since the sasaeng incident, all of the members had grown closer to me and begun to watch out for me, especially Minhyuk. He's got the smile of an angel but, let's just say he's not the type you want to upset. I was so glad to have him on my side. There was one thing he couldn't protect me from. Well, more accurately, one person. Ilhoon. Ilhoon and I had an interesting noona-dongsaeng relationship but he wasn't happy at all about me spending so much time with everyone else but him. He wasn't incredible obvious with his jealousy but the glares he gave his members was unmistakable. Jealous Ilhoonie is another side to his cute self. Eunkwang eventually confessed to me, not in front of his members but just between the two of us. He didn't give me the slightest hint as to when he started liking me but he did say he was happy to have someone he grew up with giving him and his group as much support as I did. It was followed by something about how it had made him fall for me even more. That "even more" turned into an official relationship which eventually turned into a marriage proposal. From friends to lover for forever. That's my life with BTOB. (I didn't get nearly as much Ilhoon as I wanted and I had captured twice for who saved me. Sungjae was first and Changsub was second. I honestly wasn't sure who to go with. ㅠㅠ)
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@AmbieB Thank you for Participating!! ^●^ I'm sorry Ilhoon didn't become the hubby.