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Why??? Um have you seen him? Like seriously He's either like nose bleed sexy like vvvvvv
breathing still?
OR!!!! He's cute af which he tries not to be
but then he does those things and your like aaaaaaaw Yixing gēge ^w^
Now lets go back to sexy Lay
And (tap from instagram.com to play gif)
(here too) I think you can see why now...... *drops mic*
@MissyKim just...just DAMN! As the pics got better and better, my mouth got closer and closer to the ground. Great job!!!!!!! My hats off to you my dear!
@MissyKim To think that sexy man is the cutest biggest space cadet, blows my mind! lol! I have actually seen pictures of him carrying around a stuffed unicorn!
Layyyyyyyy *2nd the last gif*...oh!!!!...I have no other words.
Ehe thanks ^-^ I would've had added more but I lost my memory card T-T but I guess it's good I almost got a nose bleed looking through everything @Tigerlily84
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