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do you guys do this or r u single?
I can relate to this :)
Single, but I can definitely relate, especially to the first one. Well... Both of them, really, but my perspective on the second one is... unusual, at best. >.<
@ButterflyBlu Ooo I'm intrigued now, I want to hear more about your unusual perspective :) @carolinian87 @KellyBeltran I can totally relate too :) especially the smile when I get a message from you one. Every time i get a message from my guy, I want to do a little dance of happiness!! :D
The second one hits close to home with me 馃槩 but it's so very very true
@allischaaff lol we can talk about it in private! <3 Yes... that feeling when you get a message from that certain someone! It's powerful. :)