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I'm amazed I haven't seen this before! What an awesome fall dessert / snack / party idea!!
Aren't they gorgeous? And fully customizable, too – you can do them plain with just caramel, or add chopped nuts or even a chocolate drizzle if you're feeling fancy!
Super easy to make, too, which is something I always appreciate from a recipe ;) Simply:
1. Slice apples in half & scoop out the core
2. Fill with a simple stovetop caramel
3. Chill and let harden, then slice and enjoy!
Scroll through the images above to see more mouthwatering inspiration!
To make your own, check out the ~spooky~ Halloween-themed video above (lol) from Todd's Kitchen, or check out this recipe from Domestic Fits!!
Tip: It sounds like some people who have tried the recipe had trouble getting the caramel to stay stuck to the apple slices after slicing. To avoid this problem, this recipe recommends blotting apples with a paper towel to remove excess moisture before filling them! So make sure to do that if you try them :)

Have you seen these before?? Would you try them?

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Ahhh @MooshieBay hope it was fun, that sounds amazing ^.^ I love baking. Those people are lucky to have you! :D
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@BekahBill OMG I would never have thought of that!! Fantastic idea!! Little bites of caramely goodness :) great idea~~
2 years ago·Reply
Aww thanks @cindystran and @mchlyang!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed :)
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2 years ago·Reply
I need to try this
2 years ago·Reply