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Soooo Excited for this Thanks @AimeeH (I'm just tagging you like crazy tonight)
Best Friend: Minho Crush: Onew Secret Admirer: Jonghyun Steals your ice cream (Ice cream thief!): Minho Fling with: Minho Takes you out: Minho Takes you to the Bahamas: Minho Boyfriend: Onew Have Children with: Key Husband: Jonghyun
Its funny that My crush Onew becomes my boyfriend, My best friend Minho and I do everything together including a fling (probably even kissed lol) no babies with him though. Key comes along and gets me pregnant and Jonghyun was my secret admirer who eventually becomes my husband and takes care of the children and me. (What a sweetie) I like my results! :)
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You're welcome Dear!! Don't worry about it! I appreciate your participation! I don't mind being tagged!! I love your results as well!! Jonghyun is one of my biases!