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I think Marvel REALLY dropped the ball and missed an amazing opportunity to up the drama, the realism, the down-right Shakespearean appeal of The Avengers Movies... The CGI Hulk is... well... he's not REAL. But the Hulkster is the REAL DEAL BROTHA! I'm just putting that out there. @TerrecaRiley @MichelleHolly @shantalcamara @DonovanMoore @salahabdalla @Reaper1991 @lskochinski @Gaaralover992 @Nueoc @jokes @Danidee @FannyWard @SerenaMcG @CandaceJordan @KassiIverson @AshleyKramer @TheGreenEyedPup @Arellano1052 @JasmineSchmitz @lovelywhite13 @jcl4rks0n @DannyMoses @NishatH @Taigara @chris98vamg @CarlosVP @BeannachtOraibh @AnneH @TatiNicolette @imTANNERthanU @animeaotsnknerd @shannonl5 Thoughts? I mean come on... you all know I'm getting the the meat and potatoes of some real controversy here.
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I'm simply in awe of you @CandaceJordan. you are truth.
This is such a magical comment section.
@JonPatrickHyde You shot the J, I just alley-opped in. *ohhhhh* *teamwork* @danidee's very magical in here and it feels like home.
@CandaceJordan I blame this on Hulk Hogan.
@JonPatrickHyde I do still have a Hulkamania tee. Don't you touch it either! *bares teeth* @CandaceJordan I'm in awe of your awesomeness. O.O