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My BtoB Screenshot Results!

Crush ~ HyunSik Boyfriend ~ Peniel Secret Admirer ~ Minhyuk Saves You ~ HyunSik First Kiss ~ HyunSik Introduces To Family ~ Peniel Protective One ~ SungJae Jealous One ~ ChangSub Childhood Friend ~ ChangSub Husband ~ Peniel

@AimeeH I'm pretty happy with my results! Peniel is my favorite but I can't believe Eunkwang and Ilhoon didn't show up once! I really wish I was good at making stories but I'm not, so no story time.. T_T
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@KellyOConner Oh don't worry at all about story time! That's completely up to your discretion to do it or not! I still love seeing everyone's results! Thank you for participating in them!! I love your results!!
@AimeeH Thanks! I tried writing something up one time and it just...it wasn't good. So I just don't now. And I love your screenshot games!
@KellyOConnor That's completely fine and understandable! Thank you so much! I love doing them, and I am so happy with the turnout of them! Monsta X will be next! I downloaded 2 apps to where I can add text. That way even if they aren't well known, if people want to participate, they can without having to do extra homework to see who they got! ^●^