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Limitless was a really good movie and I think Bradley Cooper nailed it. They also made a drama that is a spin-off from the movie. I started watching it, thinking that it would failed. However, I was wrong. This show is actually really good. If you are not familiar with this movie & show, it is about a pill that allows you to use 100% of your brain for 12 hours (humans use 10% of our brain on average).
I have been thinking, if I have this ability to harness 100% of my brain, I want to use it to learn languages and start a company that brings creativity together and to improve on technology and living conditions, anywhere. Of course there are more.
If this pill is accessible to you, what will you use it for?
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@ChriSingularis bro u have got one thing wrong, v have the ability to use hundred %of our brain. jus by imagine u have a ball in ur hand and thn throw it to an imaginary friend u jus have used all of it begin
Is it more like we use all of our brain, but in parts? We never really use our entire brain at one time??? @Akki640 @VinMcCarthy
@alywoah I think it's like... the brain is a crazy machine, and we do use all of it. This has been demonstrated by lots of research showing that there's no part of the brain you can damage or remove without impairing cognitive function. Sure, we use different parts at different times, but even when you're asleep your neurons are firing away! It's true that the 10% myth is an interesting one. But I do believe that we're not all at peak mental performance – most of us definitely aren't. There must be ways to make your brain "healthier" through training! I wonder what they are?
i saw the movie and im watching . the show and downloaded the recent episodes