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kinda new here so I wanted to share this because Luffy is amazing and when I see girls cosplay Luffy, just shows me that there is a lot of one piece fans...who else loves one piece?!?!?!
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@CorpseDOLL oh that IS funny!! My favorite is definitely Sanji... And Zoro. ^.^ lol I can't pick just one! They're both just SO AWESOME!
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hey, looking kawaii keep up the good work on le cosplays 馃憤
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I flipping love one piece!! I'm glad someone else loves it also cauze my friends who watch anime don't like it as much or won't give it a shot _-_
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@lordeath666jp that's not me aha that's a girl I saw at a anime convention and took a pic of her cosplay...I'm actually the girl in the pic
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@CorpseDOLL Still kawaii af!
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