Annyeong. My name is Alicia and it's very nice to meet you all! *waves*
The meaning behind my username is I'm a Mastermind (Friendly neighborhood Mastermind but sometimes quiet) and '2K16' means that I'm ready for the new year.
I'm from Wilson, North Carolina. However I was born in Greenville, North Carolina. And yes, me and @HappyGLAlexis are twin sisters. I'm the oldest and she's the youngest. XD
I'm 16! :D I'm just ready to turn 17 this year.....XD
I'm a Sagittarius. ♐ #SagittariusSquad
I got into K-Pop around late May. (BRUH. XD)
My favorite things about K-POP? 1. Hot bodies 2. Concepts 3. Music videos Put those three together....I'm in heaven.
Favorite group? V-I-X-X! VIXX!
My ultimate bias? Kim Wonshik aka RAVI from Vixx! *fangirling* Hot damn, he's fine as hell....
You guys can find me at the following: Vine - NamjoonWonshik (formally Mastermind (Team Krisis)) Instagram - @mastermind2k16 Twitter - @SHSLMonokuma_A Facebook - Alicia Simone Davis Kik - aliciasimone6d
WHAT?! you're a twin?! omg! and welcome!!