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So you've fallen in love. Oh shit, you think.

You know that love is a big, scary leap off a cliff where you can't see the bottom. You squeeze your eyes shut in anticipation – will your body break bloodily against the sharp rocks below, or will you plunge safely into the calm, cool sea?
Either way, it's too late. You've just got this feeling, like... this could be it. Holy shit. This could really be it. After what feels like a lifetime of searching, is it possible?
You start to believe in things you always had trouble with before now. Fate. True love. The One. Life's possibilities start to multiply before your eyes. You never knew you could be this happy.
You also never knew you could be this afraid. It's only natural, you suppose; when you care about something so much, you worry about it. You obsess over it. It keeps you up at night, knowing that one imperfect human being holds the power to make your dreams come true or crush your heart like a mosquito on their leg.
But when things seem impossible, when love is far away or you can't see how the story will finish... remember the stories that have always captured your imagination. The stories that humanity has been telling and living and thriving on for centuries. Aren't the great loves always the hard ones? Isn't there always difficulty and hardship and pain, no matter how happy the ending?
It's not over yet. And that's why you can't, shouldn't, won't give up hope.
If you are willing to fight for this, it could be the best thing that's ever happened to you. It could be the love you've been waiting for. If you refuse to let the agony of uncertainty, distance, and life's unending series of obstacles get to you – if you keep up hope, and fight for love no matter what – then there's a chance that this could be the most beautiful risk you've ever taken.
Remember, there is no great love without a great story. And stories have conflicts. Challenges. Obstacles. But when the difficult moments make it feel like the world is crashing down around you, don't give up hope – because the story isn't over yet.
I would be really happy if you guys would share this with the people in your life who need a little reminder that the story isn't over yet. There's always a chance that love is right around the corner. Just keep up hope, and always be thankful for life's challenges, because they make you a better person.
With love and snuggles,
Vingle's own Princess of Lurv
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so....I cried so hard reading this. I hate how emotional I can is one of those things that just rips my emotions apart...its one of those feelings I wish I could just turn off but I know that without it, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the little things in life that really matter...ah, thank you for the good read
if your a girl and you tell the guy you like you like him. how do you think he would feel. im just trying to get some answers cause im stuck in that situation i wonder if he will be like nope not her or dam she desperate its probably just me or true but a little help please.😐
I say be brave and tell him how you feel! 😊 because you'll never know otherwise, right? But then again, it depends on how old you are. Younger guys can sometimes be weirded out when a girl says she likes them :/
@AlloBaber thanks